Disk Herniation / Lower Back Pain

First of all, 90% of low back surgeries can be avoided. That goes for injections as well. Check out your options before you consider this and talk to more than one professional. It's a big deal!

OK, so how do I address low back pain? Simple, there are 3 main causes of symptoms and I address each separately.


If you carry your weight unevenly, you put more strain on one part of the low back than another. This is usually the lowest disc causing it to wear out faster than the other structures. Realignment through chiropractic adjustments is the most effective.


I say problem because the amount and location of damage varies. The treatment is the same. I use a technique called spinal decompression to take the bulge out of a disc and help it repair itself. This is a hands on technique requiring a special table. There are fancier "decompression" machines that seek to do the same thing. They are not hands on so the Doctor is not in control of the process, the machine is. They are also very expensive and make treatment less affordable for the patient.


When there is nerve irritation you will almost always have muscle irritation and guarding as well. This is because the muscle is controlled by the nerve. This is treated by hands on soft tissue techniques or electro-stim therapy.

There you have it. Simple effective approach that is more than 85% successful.